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First ever
holographic navigator
Just like in a video game, follow the green arrow in front of your car to reach your destination. Our secret ingredient is True Holography. It allows Navion to display virtual indicators exactly where you need them to be ­— on the road ahead. We made the system smart, safe, and fit for almost any car. The best part? No headgear or eyewear required.
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Augmented what?
Navion is the first True Augmented Reality car navigation system that applies aeronautical principles to land navigation. Install it in your car and see directions, trip details and a route overview right in front of you ­­— just like a pilot. Might sound complicated, but we’re sure it’s the simplest, most intuitive way to get on your way.
"AR solutions are also coming to transportation, such as WayRay, which is working to display navigation info on your windshield."
Voice & gestures
Turning knobs and pushing buttons while driving is far from efficient. Navion responds to simple voice commands, so you can interact with your car without having to peer about the dashboard. Program your route or toggle between different features and screen views — like weather or driving stats — with just a couple of words.
Mouth full of morning muffin? Navion responds to unique hand gestures if voice control isn’t your thing. You’ll be able to interact with the interface and access different features by moving your free hand.
Use our native app to control Navion through your smartphone. You’ll be able to set the route and check the map in advance for points of interest along the way. You can also see all of the data from your previous trips: distance, duration, routes selected and much more.
Who isn’t tempted to check their smartphone while sitting at a stop light? With Navion, you can be connected and stay safe on the road. Upcoming versions of Navion will have a special Infotainment mode, with features like email and social media that are available only when your car is stopped.
You can choose to respond via the Navion interface, dismiss, or save until later.
Return to the home screen to see your trip information — miles left, fuel economy, route overview.
Or, by using a voice command, clear your virtual dashboard with a single word.
Navion's Universe
We want you to stay focused on the road while driving. That’s why we created a navigation system where the virtual interface is the only thing you’re interacting with. Follow the arrows in front of your eyes to arrive at your chosen destination. Remain aware of your speed and the distance to the next turn or lane change, and stay informed about your calls and messages.
Tech specs
Tech specs
6.7 x 4.72 x 3.15 in
MCU: Quad-core, 1.3 GHz
Camera: Full HD 1080p
Internet: 3G
High precision GNSS
CAN bus connection via Element
Viewing angle: 10 degree
Projection distance: 3 ft – ∞
Try it on
Not only does Navion fit in your hand, it fits almost any vehicle manufactured after 1990. No additional hardware necessary. Spend just a few minutes on installation and Navion will boost your car right into the future, making you a smarter, safer driver.
Your voices
You'd buy this. Seriously. #Navion projects holographic GPS data onto your car's windshield....
Eric Oxenberg
Holographic car navigation: Is this for real? Is it the future already? o_O
Helen Tran
One of the coolest evolutions to car navigation tech in a while;
Warren Keefe
Interesting times ahead for #AR! "Navion projects your route onto the road via hologram" via @wellbelove
Donna McTaggart
@wayray's Navion Heads Up Display tech is very very promising. Seems well implemented. If only I could invest at this early stage!
Is The Navion Holographic Navigator The Next Generation Of GPS?
Tony Bosma
We hope you like Navion as much as we do.
And if you show your interest with a subscription, we’ll know for sure!
Now check out another product we’re working on, Element.
It’s a wearable for your car. Want to know more?
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